Apr 6, 2012

Look Before you Leap (into the wine barrel)

So, remember when Kiwi said to not get caught up in the big wine names and try the smaller guys?  I know, as a regular reader of Kiwi and Koala, you were avid readers of “Kiwi Visits Napa!”  
So here’s the thing.  Kiwi and Koala have learned a few things.  Don’t get caught up in the allure of the big wine names with their big prices.  Because that is what happens...you get caught.  And don’t start a sentence with preposition.  
Looking to augment his wine collection (AKA, fridge), Kiwi visited the local Safeway, as they were having a great sale.  Probably should have brought along Koala, or at least an iPad.  They offered a reasonable selection, with very nice discounted prices, so Kiwi recklessly purchased six bottles of a variety of wines that he would not normally buy (anywhere).  Now the selections were from nice wineries, well known, well established, known (at some point) for great wines.  Three Napa cabs were purchased as part of the stash -2007  Silver Oak Alexander Valley,2008  Darioush, and 2008 Cakebread Cellars.  All priced * on the K&K scale.  
Upon arriving home, proudly toting the new selections, Kiwi opened the Parker ‘s Wine Buyers Guide, and Wine Spectator on line to verify the awesomeness of the wine he had purchased at great prices (for them).  Note to self, don’t do that.  Or do it before you buy.  Or at least taste before you buy to make an informed decision. A decision based on your first hand experience and not based on folklore or the hope that this vintage is as good as one before. Looking before leaping!
To be fair, the wine still remains unopened, waiting for that special occasion for which it deserves.  It might all be great.  But based on the reviews Kiwi read, and price, this wine would not have been purchased (not good value).  Nothing close to 90 points from anyone.  As Robert Parker states of Silver Oak  “the wines hit their zenith in quality in the 1980’s through the 1990’s”…then…”quality became increasing irregular”.  Not inspiring words.  Kiwi hopes the 2007 and 2008 vintages were good years and will update this post when brave enough to pop the corks and give them a taste.  
So, do a little research, or taste before you buy.  More to follow.  Happy tasting!

Kiwi and Koala

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