Dec 13, 2012

Walkabout Chaff Mill Village Apartments, Clare Valley

When travelling to distant lands (sounds so interesting) there is often the need for accommodation. On a recent trip to the wonderful Clare Valley as luck would have it the Chaff Mill Village Apartments were randomly selected. Ok, so Koala’s brother had recommended them (brothers don’t get praise).
Located at the northern end of the Township of Clare, and close to a number of places to eat as well as places to shop if that’s your style. It’s also within easy walking distance to a couple of pubs for lunch, tea (dinner) or drinks.
The Chaff Mill Village consists of 6 luxury 4-star serviced apartments. Their words not ours but Koala does not disagree enough to argue. They are very nice. The design of the apartments wrap around the existing mature pepper trees, the apartments are cantilevered over the banks of the River Hutt, nestled amongst the treetops, they provide reasonable privacy.

Each apartment has its own private balcony, separate bedroom(s), extra large bathroom with spa pool, and living area with full kitchen, equipped with all modern conveniences. A nicely appointed and comfortable room suitable for two couples that is well located and reasonably priced.

Koala gives it a ‘recommend’ for your stay in the must go to Claire Valley.

Happy Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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