Dec 6, 2012

Walkabout 2012 Little Red Grape

Having landed in Adelaide South Australia from San Francisco on a Monday afternoon there was no rest for Koala. Tuesday morning with Koala’s brother at the wheel it was off to the beautiful Clare Valley to run amuck for a couple of days. Clare Valley is one of those wonderful places that you just can’t get enough of. Having stayed there a number of times over the years this visit had a higher purpose, spreading the word to the world about this wonderful area (heady stuff).

As we drove, the discussion was mostly about where to go, as the great choices in Clare Valley are endless but the time wasn’t. First order of business was something to eat and so the first bakery they came across as they came into the area was at Sevenhill called The Little Red Grape. As they were stuffing the fresh Pasty’s with sauce down their gobs they noticed that on the other side of the building was a cellar door also called The LittleRed Grape. Well they were already there so why not.

As they entered The Little Red Grape tasting room they were welcomed by Kaylah. This young lady managed to keep Koala and his brother on task and informed of the wines being tasted amongst all the verbal brotherly love being dished out in a continuous flow (did not intend for Kaylah to be the one blushing). All the wines tasted were good and a couple bottles were purchased.

The Little Red Grape is a lovely place to taste a bunch of wines from various small wine producers from the Clare area that don’t have their own cellar door. It’s a great stop to get a taste of a some food that can’t be had just anywhere like a meat pie, pasty, sausage roll, Kransky or a slew of other yummy treats. There is also a homewares section to the facility.
A nice place to cover a couple (at least) of bases and start off a weekend in the Claire Valley.

Koala gives it a ‘would go back’ and when there say g’day to Kaylah from Koala (the well spoken one) and his brother (trash talker).

Happy Tasting Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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