Apr 4, 2013

How would you get from Rome to Venice?

While planning a trip there are a lot of variables, options and choices to deal with. Even more so if you are going to a foreign country that you have never visited. Plus there are plenty of people giving advice because they did this and that and of course that's the best. We spent a fair amount of time on line researching and comparing the options.  With a number of choices and a limited time window, and costs being a serious influence of the final decision, we decided that to get from Rome to Venice nothing worked as well or as cost effectively as flying with easyJet. With prices averaging about €50 (more or less depending on day and time and baggage allowance) per person and given the time savings over most of the options it was our first choice. 
The train would be more scenic perhaps, but hours longer and depending on which speed of train we chose, several times the price. 
We had a comfortable plane, quick and easy check-in and boarding with pleasant staff both at the airport and in the cabin.  All in all we felt it was a great value. Depending on your travel needs don't overlook the cost effectiveness and convenience of easyJet. We give them a  'Recommend'.


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