Jul 29, 2013

From the Bath to the Beach, House that is...

The once Iconic Bath House restaurant at Lovers Point Pacific Grove, has sat abandoned and derelict for many years. Walking around the area and seeing the building rotting away always invoked feelings of sadness. Such a beautiful location going to waste. Well no more does the melancholy sadness need to be felt, as from the ruins has emerged the Beach House Lovers Point Pacific Grove.

It has been a long time coming. You first heard about this happening like a rumor, then there were some press releases, then some news reports from Council meetings about rules and regulations that make no sense. What seems like years go by and finally you see construction fencing and you wonder how long. Then construction starts and stops and not much happens for a long time until one day as you walk by you notice that it looks complete, but still no activity.
Well lets just say the activity is now happening. Exactly when we don't remember. Just know, The Beach House is now serving!

We went there the other Friday night for dinner. The redone facility is very nice. Longtime local restaurateurs Jim Gilbert and Kevin Phillips have spent many years planning and completing this new project, and have done a very nice job making this a lovely place to enjoy a meal with family or friends. They hired as their executive chef Pacific Grove native Christopher Groves. A more local person would be hard to find, as Christopher spent his youth swimming in the Lovers Point pool and in the cove and surfing off the point.

So how was it you ask? Really expensive or snooty? Set up as a tourist trap? None of the afore mentioned. Talking to Kevin, he told us that their goal is make this a locals spot. Tourists are obviously welcomed, but the focus is to serve the local community with great food and drinks, at reasonable prices so they make this their 'go to' restaurant of choice. We thought 'we'll be the judge of that'.

With stomach's rumbling we finished the talking and got stuck into the ordering. With an order of the Feast of Lanterns Firecracker Shrimp, a ravioli special, some organic spinach salads and a bottle of local wine from Hahn (GSM) we were off and running. We continued our meals with a Crispy Pork Cutlet with braised red cabbage, apples, French cider sauce whipped potatoes $15.90, two Grilled Salmon Filet with black rice, garlic spinach, beurre blanc, charred lemon $18 and a Grilled Hanger Steak with balsamic glaze, garlic-truffle fries, wild arugula, aioli $26. All thoroughly enjoyed we might add. We finished off with a lesson in pronouncing 'Chocolate Pot o Creme' with a French accent. Oh, and consuming a couple! The food and the service were wonderful.

They call it casual California dining and that's probably as good a description as one needs. A stunningly beautiful location that gives you the option of indoor or outdoor dining, with a relatively inexpensive menu, a good drinks list, this place will surly become a favorite for all who dine here. We 'recommend' you give it a try and let em know we sent you!

Happy Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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  1. My whole family enjoyed their meals, planning on going back every chance we get! Sevice was excellent and enjoyed eating outside on the patio...Perfect!
    So glad you finally opened, We were anxiously waiting for your restaurant to open, We needed a good place to eat and not expensive...And the view to go with it!


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