Jul 1, 2013

Wineries of Santa Clara Valley Present - Silicon Valley's Wine Escape!

This past Saturday the 29th of June, the organisation that is the 'Wineries of Santa Clara Valley' had their inaugural event 'The Silicon Valley Wine Escape'.
Held at the Campbell Community Center in a lovely large air conditioned space, the event had 23 wineries pouring their wines, as well as some local restaurants and caterers offering some delicious tastings.
The day started with some education seminars that talked about wine making and grape growing in the AVA. Some of the wine makers also spoke about their wineries and properties. The areas history goes back to the turn of the last century although the modern era is marked historically on March 28th 1989, when the Santa Clara Valley AVA was finally declared.

The Grand Tasting kicked off with the VIP tasting beginning at noon, and there were some wonderful wines to be had. There were some 'special' additional wines on hand from some wineries for the VIP portion of the tasting that made being in early definitely worth it. Regular event ticket holders entered at 1pm.

There were all kinds of wines from Fiano and Colombard to Carignane and Tempranillo, as well as the more common wines like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The diversity of the area allows for a big variety of grape types to be grown very successfully, which is reflected in the number and styles of very nice wines that were available for tasting. There was also some of the best food that we have had at a tasting in a while. Not only was the food delicious to eat, it also was good for pairing with a lot of the wines, and most importantly of all, none of it clashed with the wines. It was a treat to try a taste and then go try to find a wine pairing you liked.

A very nice afternoon with great wine and food, in a nice roomy space that is sure to become a highly anticipated annual event.

For more information on the wineries in the Santa Clara Valley follow these links;

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Happy Tasting Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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