Jul 16, 2013

The WineWalkabout WW

A wine that stood out a bit from the crowd this last week was a delightful Sangiovese from Sarah's Vineyard in the Santa Clara Wine Region. Unfortunately this particular wine is no longer offered but is a good example of the nice wines offered by Sarah's Vineyard. A light easy drinking wine with flavors of plums and cherries and a nice light spice on the finish. This wine was spot on as a nice WW to drink while preparing dinner and while eating BBQ pork chops. A solid 6 and ****.

Sangiovese, which means, "blood of Jove" can be traced back to wines made in Roman Times. It has been called the "workhorse" varietal for its adaptability for adaptable growth and it's use in blends as well as a varietal wine.

Sarah's Vineyard has a very nice selection of wines to choose from that anyone would surely find a favorite. Go by and check em out they are "good' and we plan to go back.

To happy Weeknight Wine!


Kiwi & Koala

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