Feb 24, 2014

Cowgirl Winery, Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley has become quite the place to go taste wine. While not at a winery most still provide great experiences and one of those is Cowgirl Winery. On a recent drive to the area a tasting was in order. How did we come across the Cowgirl Winery you want to know? Well recently at a tasting event in Salinas, Pigs Pinot and More, we were given a taste of their Chardonnay by Molly and invited to stop on by. There you have it, a tasting that generated a follow-up and ended in a sale.

On a spectacular winters day in Carmel Valley, Molly walked me through a tasting flight of the Cowgirl Winery wines. The flight comes with some local made bread from the Corkscrew Cafe and some nice Gouda cheese (must say it went fairly well with all the wines). The flight is the method they use for their tastings although you can buy a bottle of your favorite Cowgirl Wine and drink it there.

The tasting this day consisted of two whites (kind of) the 2012 Cowgirl Blush, a stone fruity light Rosé, the 2011 Cowgirl White, Chardonnay, a light clean style with nice floral nose and delicate yellow fruit and clean finish. The reds were the 2011 Hacienda (purchased). This is a blend of Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This medium bodied Bordeaux blend has nice blue and purple fruit flavors and a nice finish. Last but not least was the 2010 Cowgirl Red. A Cabernet Sauvignon that is a nice fruit forward medium bodied wine that is easy to drink with a subtle minerality with slight stewed fruit quality. None of these wines have production over 500 cases.

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The wines were nice and all but the Cowgirl Red were very well priced at <**** making them all great anytime drinking wines. The Cowgirl Red was just *** still well priced. The wine was served in tumblers, which to a glass snob like me would not be my first choice. That having been said, it was somewhat appropriate given the decor, atmosphere and ambiance of this ranch - Hacienda type of setting which I was told, is the idea. Did I mention my tasting partner for the day was a chicken!

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One thing that was a little disappointing is the need to spend $100 (wine and or gift shop)to get your tasting fee waived. A little steep, perhaps (just an opinion).

A very nice casual western Hacienda type atmosphere and decor make this a great place to meet some friends, have a taste, buy a couple bottles and enjoy a sunny afternoon. So go on by and tell Molly we sent you, we recommend you do.

Hours of operation (Winter hours):
Mon-Thurs: 11:30-4:30pm
Fri-Sun: 11:30-5:00pm

Happy Tasting Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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