Feb 6, 2014

WineWalkabout WW

The first wine of the year that grabbed out midweek attention is from Lee Family Farm a part of Morgan Vineyards in Carmel Valley California. The specific wine was, everybody gasp, an Albarino! Some of you are wondering why the gasp and some may be wondering, whats an Alberino. Albarino is a white wine and for those who know us hence the gasp. It's not that we don't enjoy white wine but for some reason 99% of the time when pulling something from the wine fridge it is red. For those wondering what Alberino is, here is a quote from the winery; Albarino is a white grape traditionally grown in Spain and Portugal. In California, it has been gaining in popularity as a refreshing, crisp, fragrant “alternative” varietal- suited to growing in moderate to warm climates and producing a delicious accompaniment to Mediterranean cuisine.

The 2012 Lee Family Farm Albarino has a twist top (who cares, FYI) and a pale straw color with white peach, mango, pineapple on the nose. On the palate lingering flavors of nectarine, spice and a good acidity. This is a light bodied wine which would go well with a variety of appetizers or with light summer fare (which it did).
The overall drinkability of the lovely drop is very nice and hits well above its price point and we give it a rating of a 6-7 and at $18 gets ****. Very good value!

Stop by Morgan in the Carmel Crossroads Shopping Center for a taste and tell em we sent you!

Happy Tasting Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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