Oct 1, 2014

#WW Wine Review Hungarian Wine, Leányka White wine,

With summer kicking back into gear here in California it just seemed appropriate to pull a nice white out of the wine fridge. While foraging around looking at what was available this little minx called out. Our friends at the Hungarian Wine Show had sent this to us for a tasting and a review. So here is the review.

As this wine was calling to get our attention it was time to seduce this sexy little number out of the wine fridge and go on a date. This is a white that has a seductive smooth body, displaying plenty of nuance and elegance with a lovely mouth feel, supple and graceful, ending with a burst of flavor and a nice persistent finish and as it turns out an enchanting date. 

The good folks at the Hungarian Road Show describe our new love as follows.
Leányka – Traminer – Sauvignon Blanc – Rhine Riesling – Welschriesling
(Leányka, meaning “damsel”, is a Hungarian wine grape variety.)
If we deep look into the eyes of the wine, we first see “the damsel of Almagyar” looking back for us. Her attendants are Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Rhine Riesling, and Welschriesling. All are beauteous, fresh, and youthful, and while each has its individual personality, they move together like a team of cheerleaders.

Not sure we have ever seen the word 'beauteous' used as a descriptor but it is quite accurate and we think it is more a team of exotic dancers rather than cheerleaders. Just going with the theme...

Those two things aside this is a very enjoyable white wine that prefers to be served a bit warmer than some whites at about 58-62 deg so as to let the girls personality loose and not to get locked up (locked, we said locked up not knocked up). 

A very nice **** wine rated a 7 on the scale and a perfect summer wine that will go with Chinese, Thai and even Mexican as well as all the traditional white wine pairings.
A cracking wine, so drink it if you can find it!

Happy Wine Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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