Sep 29, 2014

Wines of Danger

Why are these wines dangerous? Well its not so much that the wines themselves are dangerous, but the act of committing the time and money into the making and selling of them is. There's danger in starting your own label and these winemakers are putting all their money and effort into their wine and hoping against the odds that it works.

Even those that are winemakers or growers or have a full-time job at a larger winery can find it daunting to turn their own label into a success. Beside just making wine the packaging, selling and marketing are all time consuming and take expertise The goal behind the event (this year's was the second) is to help get some marketing exposure from media to the group of small producers using this annual trade and media tasting in San Francisco. That's one of the reasons that Sabrine Rodems, winemaker at Wrath Wines in Monterey County and owner of her own small label, Scratch, has put together a group of like minded label owners called Wines of Danger.

We have attended both and have become supporters for this movement. This years event was held at the lovely, Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant on 330 1st Street, San Francisco. The wines last year really got our attention and were of very high quality and this year was just as impressive. There is a level of excitement when talking to the individual who has it all on the line for what is by most standards very very small production. The total production starts in the hundreds of case range but in all cases (hey look, pun) the cases produced are in the single thousands.

The wines were again good to very good and generally had price points that were well below the quality enjoyment level making them great value. We tried our hardest to taste all the wines and even started by tasting just whites like the pros, but soon fell into tasting the range in front of us, If they offered to put it in the glass we felt obligated to taste it.

It was great to revisit with some of the people from last year and to taste and enjoy their latest releases and to meet new people who were pouring at the event for the first time. Take a look through the list and track these wines down and take an adventure with some Wines of Danger.

Sabrine Rodems the winemaker at Wrath Wines in Monterey County and produces her own label, Scratch is the driving force behind this group called Wines of Danger.

We are looking forward already to the third event!

Happy Wine Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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