Apr 2, 2014

#WW Wine review 2012 Puma Road Pinot Gris

It is something of an anomaly that recently the wines that have caught our attention have been white. We know its bizarre! For a couple of blokes who typically drink reds and maybe maybe 5% white wine, this is really an odd occurrence. Its not that we don't like whites its just for some reason its reds almost 95% of the time.
Never the less, that is the reason we taste wine and buy what we like. This week we were tasting some pre-release wine at Puma Rd Winery in Monterey on the River Road wine Trail. They have some pretty special wines coming that you are going to want to try. This white that got our attention is a 2012 Pinot Gris, that upon opening was fairly normal (just bottled) but we were told by the winemaker to take the rest of the bottle home for later. Trust me he said... We have heard that before, but figured it had just been bottled and was qite nice so why not. The next evening was later and this wine became super special overnight. A little air and time (maybe decant in the short term?) and it was a beaut. This is a crisp racy Pinot Gris from the Santa Lucia Highlands that is bound to get your attention. Really enjoyed drinking this wine a rate it at a solid 7 and ****. (Note to self; go back for more) This wine has a million pairing possibilities.
Go by and have a taste of this racey wine in one of Puma Roads two locations. River Road Tasting on the weekends and Carmel by the Sea every day. Tell em we sent you.

Happy Wine Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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