Apr 9, 2014

#WW Wine Review McIntyre Vineyards Merlot

Ah, the abandoned wine from the last couple decades. The victim of a mediocre movie that had a handful of funny scenes that almost single handedly removed Merlot from a generation's drinking list. It does seem to be making a slow recovery and this weeks WW wine is a pretty good Merlot from a top producer in Monterey County California, McIntyre Vineyards.

Recently while tasting in the McIntyre Tasting Studio located in the Hyatt Regency in Monterey the combination of taste and value made this wine the perfect choice for a good week night meal and so one was purchased. BBQ cheeseburgers was the plan and it played out well.

This wine is medium to full bodied and fairly big on mouth feel. Starting with black and purple fruits and with competing cedar and earthy notes, it is fairly robust. It finishes with noticeable but refined tannins and has a medium length finish. If a second bottle came our way we may try a short decant as a test, to see if our feeling that this wine still needs a little time to come into its own. 

A pretty good drop for BBQ meats and even went well the second night when the last glass went with spicy pork chops. The balance of yummyness and value make this #WW a solid 6 and ****.

Go by and have a taste at the McIntyre Tasting Studio in the Hyatt Regency and find your favorite and tell em the blokes at WineWalkabout  sent you.

Happy Wine Adventures,
Kiwi & Koala

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