Apr 30, 2014

#WW Wine Review, Galante, 2013 Wagon Wheel White

Tasting with Jack (on right) and Fred Dame at the Carmel Tasting Studio.

Recently WineWalkabout went to learn a bit about bottling wine and helped bottle and helped bring to life a new wine for Galante Vineyards (OK basically we watched and got in the way, but we were there). It was a great experience and at the end of our day there Jack shared with us a bottle of this newest release, a 2013 Wagon Wheel White and asked us for our opinion. Oh and as you know we always have an opinion.

The 2013 Wagon Wheel White is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. This blending of both Bordeaux and Rhone style wines was a deliberate attempt to capture, combine and create a compliment to both. The Wagon Wheel White is 92% Sauv Blanc and 8% Viognier. Although it can be considered a Sauv Blanc by the percentages, they called it Wagon Wheel White so their customers would not confuse this wine that is quite different to the 100% pure Sauv Blanc. The floral, sweeter notes of the Viognier are right up front on the palate while the bright Sauv Blanc hits the back of the mouth and finishes the wine with juicy tart fruit and nice acidity. This slightly zippy white has a lovely balance and is just a delight to drink. So much so that we have returned to the tasting room to purchase some for regular consumption.

With this release they reintroduced a 100% Viognier and were experimenting with some blends of Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. You know the kind of things you do at a winery because you can. Galante is well known and respected for Bordeaux reds and the occasional white. Coincidentally last years white release was a Sauvignon Blanc and this year with the Viognier the blending of the two seemed perhaps destined to be. 

To quote Jack Galante "We wanted to come up with something different and fun for our customers who are so familiar with our pure Sauvignon Blanc and when we tried this blend we all loved it. Like spokes of a wheel, the flavor profiles of these Bordeaux-style and Rhone-style varietals combine to fulfill the palate and complete the journey."

Well, we say job done! She's a beaut!

The Galante Vineyards Wagon Wheel White is a lovely wine that we rate a 7 and **** and we recommend that you go taste it, and get on the wagon!

Happy Wine Adventures,
Kiwi & Koala

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