Sep 10, 2014

#WW DaVine Cellars 2012 Barbera, Santa Cruz

One warm and sunny Wednesday afternoon while in Santa Cruz California, a overwhelming urge for some wine came upon me (big surprise right). Knowing where there were some tasting rooms no time was wasted heading over. First one then another then a third, were all closed! AAAAARRRRGGGH... As I started to regain some sense of awareness from the devastated mental state I had been shocked into I saw a sign! No, not like a sign, but an actual sign that read' Wine Tasting OPEN'. An oasis in the desert? Almost... but more like an island. It was the tasting room of MJA Vineyards. This Hawaiian themed tasting room is the perfect place to sit and have a taste or a glass and to hear stories of coffee growing and roasting (story to come). You are welcomed with an aloha and the pleasantries just continue from there.

Marin Artukovich, owner of MJA Vineyards, who is most often found pouring the wine and stories in the tasting room tells of the decision to give his wines their own unique and peculiar names and even genders to help aid in being able to have repeat customers explain the ones they liked. Names like Lucky, Horny, Nosey and Chewy. While tasting, read each tasting note and as you taste and sniff enjoying the wine, determine if you can, whether the wine is of male of female gender. If you get it right, you may even get a second pour.

I tasted trough a range of wines that were all very good and on this day decide on a purchase of the 2012 DaVine Barbera. This lovely medium to medium full bodied wine has all kinds of blue and Black berry notes. All the fruit characters come through on the palate with some added plum and spice and soft integrated tannins, this is one tasty Barbera. With a wonderful round full mouth feel this is one easy drinking wine. Rated *** and a solid 7 on the official scale this one is a real beauty.
We will be going back for more. Go visit this neat tasting room in Santa Cruz and enjoy a bit of Hawaii and wine. Tell em we sent you!

Kiwi & Koala

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