Sep 3, 2014

WW Drinking Thummerer Winery • Eger • Bikavér • Superior • 2009

While rummaging in the wine fridge looking for something, just not sure what, and came across this sexy little Hungarian number from our tasting in San Francisco with the Hungarian Road Show.

A Thummerer Winery • Eger • Bikavér • Superior • 2009

This wine comes from Eger, in northeastern Hungary. This a wine region is best known for its Egri Bikavér wine. Hungary's most famous wine overall, Bikavér (commonly called Bull's Blood) is surely the country's most famous red. The style is a complex blend of several dark skinned grapes and this is the flagship wine of the winery. Superior is only produced in the best vintages. It contains 50% Hungarian varieties and 50% international types. Alcohol content: is 14%. Acidity: 4.9 g/l and its recommended serving temperature is 16-18°C (60-65 deg F).

Bikaver (Bull's Blood) is always a blend of at least three types of vines of 15 approved species. This one has Lemberger (Blaufränkisch) – Cabernet Franc – Merlot. It must spend a minimum of 12 months in wood aging (usually Hungarian oak) and the wine after 18 months must be accepted by a standing committee before it can be released to the market. A nicely balanced wine with earthy tones and a slightly spicy character. Floral nose with wonderful juicy dark fruit and a beautiful softt body with well integrated tannins that add up to a pleasant and long aftertaste. The price is two for **** and is a 6-7 on the scale. This is a great wine for the price. No this is a very nice drinking wine at three times the price.

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