Aug 10, 2012

Dining Nirvana Magill Estate

Everyone should visit Penfolds Magill Estate if for nothing else it’s amazing sense of wine history. Ok, they have some really good wine to taste as well.
We had a great premium tasting experience there with some exceptional wines. We took a tour of the historic Grange Cottage and the production facilities. Learned that the Magill Estate Vineyard was established in 1844 by Dr Christopher Rawson and Mary Penfold, just eight years after the foundation of the city of Adelaide itself. It was originally known as the Grange Vineyard, named after their new homestead. After such a great experience we could not resist the temptation to go all the way in and booked our dinner for that evening at the Magill Estate Restaurant.

From the moment we were warmly welcomed at the door, to the friendly farewell, it was a wonderful night. The degustation menu had three choices. There was a five, seven and nine course dinner selection, with or without wine pairings of good wine or great wines. We went with the seven course choice with the super premium wine pairings. Each dish was unique; some with textures/flavors/appearances that did not match our normal perception of the titled ingredients but, made us believers once tasted. One of the great pleasures of drinking wine is matching it with equally mouth-watering food, and the wine pairings were simply perfect.

What a wonderful experience with fantastic food made even more amazing by fantastically paired wines. The 2002 Grange was spectacular. Visit’s to the table from the chefs, knowledgeable sommelier, and service that equally matched the food & wine. Oh, and the view at night of the Adelaide area is just gorgeous. A great special night out that is sure to be remembered for all the right reasons. Looking forward to going back after the remodel to enjoy again, just to be sure it was not a magical dream.

For tasting at the cellar door they are open 7 days a week from 10.00am – 5.00pm, Closed Christmas Day and New Years Day.

This is not an inexpensive meal, but the quality of the experience, the food and the wine made it worth the price.

We call this a MUST GO (at least once) experience.

Tell em we sent you and settle in and embrace the magic!

Happy Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

Just heard the remodel is nearing completion. They are scheduled to open Wednesday the 28th of August. Reservations will be accepted as of Monday the 29th of July. 

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