Aug 6, 2012

Napa’s Bistro Don Giovanni

Due to a combination of events Koala found himself on the road to Napa on a Sunday evening. Since he was there it was an opportunity for an Adventure. First thing on the agenda was some food. Koala does not miss many meals! There are a ton of choices in Napa but those choices start to dwindle with an eating time of around 9pm. As luck would have it Bistro Don Giovanni was a choice. So its 9pm on a Sunday evening and the place is still jumping. If Koala had to guess they were probably at about 80% full. The place has a lively atmosphere without being too loud. A couple minute wait while the table was prepped and we were seated in a comfortable booth. The waiter was on the spot taking drink requests and giving us the nightly specials. Orders ranged from artisan pizza’s to Koala’s choice of the Pork Chop nicely paired with a local Napa Merlot. All the food was good and very much enjoyed and the experience was very good. Koala would give a recommend and not hesitate to return.

To happy tasting and eating!

Kiwi & Koala

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  1. This is where we locals eat lunch...the bar during the day usually has half a dozen winemakers grabbing a bite and pouring some wine. Mayor.


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