Aug 17, 2012

Shale Oak Winery Paso Robles

Let’s talk green. No, not the flavor or the color, but the practice. Shale Oak Winery is making a massive effort to be as green as possible, not only in their vineyard and winemaking practice but also with their tasting room facility. Actually sustainable is really the appropriate description. Using recycled materials and tons of natural light with gravity ventilation and huge water capture capacity they have been very successful. With modern, 60’s modern (think “The Jetsons”) and Euro chic style blended together this place is immediately interesting and engaging. With a number of outside areas for relaxing or picnicking while enjoying some Shale Oak wine this is a very nice facility. Oh yeah about the wine. Go get some! Seriously some lovely wines made here.
We were distracted on our way into the tasting room by the amazingly comfortable wine barrel furniture just outside the entrance and kind of got stuck there for a bit just enjoying the setting and the comfort.
One of the tasting room staff came out and offered to pour for us right there! We were tempted, but so as not to put them out we went in (and as a side note so they did not have deal with us out front scaring off potential customers). The friendly knowledgeable staff took great care of us and were very accommodating as we sometimes can be a bit like herding a pack of cats just wandering around from one thing to another checking it all out. They did a great job keeping us on track. The most impressive method Jennifer employed was to smash a glass on the floor to get our attention. It worked! Everyone back to your stations! The tasting consisted of a couple of nice crisp whites and a handful of reds with a great PH balanced beverage to cleanse the palate between tastes.
Kiwi and Koala broke the one bottle rule (again is the chorus from the other room)! Koala’s pick was the 2009 KŪ. A sumptuous blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Verdot with a head spinning 15.9% alcohol. The other purchase was a limited release 2008 Cabernet which just so happened is what Kiwi purchased two of (Kiwi also purchased an eco-friendly cork purse, but that’s another story).
Both wines were approachable with nice fruit with a medium to full bodied mouth feel and a nice balance and warm long finish. The labeling on the bottles is clean and stylish with a classy look. Blah blah blah. Look don’t just take our opinion, round up a couple of friends and go have a visit and check out this unique and interesting tasting room and try some of their great wine. Maybe plan to take a picnic lunch to enjoy while taking in the facility and enjoying your new favorite Shale Oak Wine.  Join their club, Kiwi did!  Shh, don’t tell the Shelia.  But that’s where the purse comes in.

Tell em Kiwi and Koala sent you!

Happy tasting,

Kiwi & Koala


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    1. Glad you enjoyed. Will be back for a behind the scenes after harvest when things are a bit less busy for you all.. if you will have us.

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