Aug 30, 2012

Kiwi and Koalas WW

This week’s WW is a slightly fizzy little drop from Italy by Il Conte D'Alba and sold here in the USA by San Antonio Winery. It’s a Moscato D’Asti made in Piemonte.
Moscato d' Asti is made from the Moscato di Canelli grape from the Piedmont region of Italy. Fresh and delicate and a little bit sweet. It has good acidity and a light fizz that gives balance to that slight sweetness. Great as an aperitif or with light meals and has a nice refreshing taste with a clean finish. Now Koala is not much of a sweet wine kind of guy but this was very enjoyable and scores 6+ and ****. (under $10 bottle, brilliant, getting more) With summer in full swing this is a great drop to have on hand. Go on give it a go!

Happy Tasting Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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