Aug 21, 2012

Pithy Little Wine Company Paso Robles

Not your average tasting room and not you’re average tasting. The Pithy Little Wine Company. This cute little storefront just off the main square in downtown Paso was just the ticket for entertaining our ‘a little tired of wine tasting’ company and, us! Who would ever get tired of wine tasting you ask. We know, and we didn’t want them pithed off! So as we wandered around the park in Paso Robles on a non wine tasting jaunt and were making our way around the block, the sign for The Pithy Little Wine Company came into view. We could not just walk by this inviting establishment. The girls were excited for some tasting and quickly selected the popcorn pairing. Popcorn pairing with wine you ask? No remember they were “a little tired of wine tasting”. No, popcorn and soda.  Yes you read that correctly, soda. The significant others really enjoyed the experience and Kiwi and Koala banked good brownie points. While the girls were enjoying their soda and popcorn tasting experience Kiwi and Koala managed to sneak in some more wine tasting. Koala loved this label and name “Elephant in the Room” a blend of 15% Grenache, 65% Syrah and 20% Viognier a solid 6 and *** on the official scale and also purchased a bottle for himself. Good stuff.

The Pithy Little Wine Co. Is also a good place to source custom labels for weddings and other events as well as eating and drinking accessories and accoutrements . Quite impressive stuff here so check it out and tell em Kiwi and Koala sent you!

Happy Travel Adventures,


Kiwi & Koala

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