Jan 13, 2013

New Years 2012, Dinner Fandango

Selecting a restaurant for New Years dinner was not an easy choice. We did not want something too fancy, but it had to be very good. Plus it had to be close enough to our final drinking venue so that we could avoid a bunch of hoons on the road. That meant that selecting an untried place was just not going to happen. Yeah yeah we know, there are ways to research new places and be pretty sure, but we didn't want to. Some say we were being a little boring. Yeah whatever. We prefer to look at it as being certain of a great meal, and being well taken care of. We chose a place that that we have all eaten at a number of times over the years and have always enjoyed. This year’s restaurant of choice was Fandango Restaurant located in Pacific Grove, California. The menu is a blend of Mediterranean and European style cuisine, well presented and always delicious. Fandango also has a great wine list that will make anyone happy and allows for the selection of any of their great dishes to be paired perfectly.January 2013 marks Fandango's 26th year in business!

This long term existence is a double edged sword, as most folks tend to head out to find the latest hip happening place in town, but there is a reason this is year 26. Consistently good food in a nice comfortable environment (you can sit by a roaring fine if you like) with good service at hard to beat prices. A winning formula that has withstood the test of time. Happy 26th Pierre and Marietta!

As you might imagine Kiwi and Koala and Frog (French connection) all had wine representing their countries of origin plus a couple of Californian selections from Napa Valley and Paso Robles for consumption that evening!  The real question was what was a good number of bottles to consume? Settled on 1.5 bottles per drinker. No hangovers! We also did have a designated driver so we were all set.

As usual the meal was great (Kiwi and Koala both had their signature dish – rack of lamb) and the wines that were brought along to impress each other with were also top notch. The service was sublime with table timing about perfect.Table timing? You know it’s when you never need your waiter as they are there every time you want something (and your glass is never empty) but are never hovering.
Another great meal at Fandango Restaurant! Kiwi and Koala and Frog ‘recommend’ you dine here and tell ‘em we sent you.

Happy New Year,
Bon App├ętit,


Kiwi & Koala
And Frog

Meet Pierre and Marietta
223 17th Street Pacific Grove, CA 93950


Happy Anniversary!

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