Jan 19, 2013

WineWalkabout visits the Victory Hotel, McLarenVale

Picture from and of The Victory Hotel
Most are familiar with the good old Aussie pub, whether they have had a drink in one or not. The Victory Hotel is no longer one of these. Recommended to Koala by one of the regional wineries were Koala had been tasting some wine (yeah, go figure eh), he took the opportunity to go have lunch there. Look he needed to feed his Mum and Dad before the old folks got all wilty (ok, it was Koala getting wilty), so lunch it was. While looking relatively old town pub like for the most part from the outside, it is not that way on the inside. Doug Govan took over the Victory in 1989 and it has become a beacon for good food and wine lovers, or so they say. Turns out they have a great menu with a large variety of offerings as well as a great wine list to be explored. You can’t go wrong. 
On what was a spectacular day sitting out on the verandah enjoying some local wine and the best Whiting Koala’s Mum and Dad had had in a while and a fantastic hamburger for Koala all washed down with some great wines by the glass and a beer for Dad, all was good with the world. The view from the verandah is spectacular. 
You can see from Sellicks beach all the way down towards Maslin Beach on a clear day. Koala gives The Victory a hearty ‘recommend’. The Victory Hotel Circa 1858 is a great place to share a good time with family and friends over a drink or two and a good meal.

Now while all that is good there is more. The Victory also has vineyards as well as, to quote the website “The Victory Hotel has three self contained, one bedroom cottages overlooking the vineyards and sweeping coastline. Located approximately 100 metres from the pub, the only other inhabitants are the families of kangaroos that wander through the surrounding 165 acres of private, native woodland.”
Nice! The Rudderless vines are all grown on the five acre estate vineyard surrounding the Hotel. Now Koala wishes he had done some homework as this would have made a difference in his travel plans. Maybe next time. A place to eat, a place to stay and some wine to taste! There will be a next time and maybe Koala can drag Kiwi along for the Adventure.

After lunch you should go down to Sellicks Beach and go for a long walk on what has to be one of the best beach’s around.

So stop by and have a good feed and some refreshments and tell em Koala sent you!

Bon App├ętit!

Kiwi & Koala


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  2. Thanks for the positive remarks. Next time we are in town we will look you up.


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