Jan 30, 2013

WineWalkabout Shaw & Smith Adelaide Hills

Simple elegance. Yeah that’s it! Simple elegance. That is how Koala would describe his experience at Shaw & Smith in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Set in some rolling lawn areas with vineyards to one side, some gum trees to the other and a small lake for that added touch. It is just visual elegance. The tasting room is also very simple yet elegant. Two sides of floor to ceiling glass to be able to enjoy the view and a series of tables set to help achieve that. It’s a classy setting with a well put together pairing of some lovely Adelaide Hills wine, cheese and crackers for your enjoyment.
All the while, a knowledgeable individual will guide you through the experience with as little or as much input as you need.
If you are on a date and wish to impress? Take them here! Head on up to the Adelaide Hills and enjoy this elegant experience, rain or shine it’s worth it.
If the date goes well, and you get married there is no need for an invite, a nice bottle of something from Shaw & Smith will do nicely. Oh, do remember there are two of us.

Happy Wine Adventures,

Kiwi & Koala

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