Jan 10, 2013

Wine trends, low alcohol, who really cares?

We are constantly amazed at how recently many people are in the habit of checking the alcohol content on a wine label and using the number to decide on whether or not to drink it. They are using it as a factor to decide whether or not they may like it. How or why did this begin? Some have said this has soething to do with quality. There is a theory that they have (you know who they are) that it may have started sometime around the same time wineries started printing Alcohol Content as small and as hidden on a wine label as possible, like they’re embarrassed by it. We don’t subscribe to this theory. We believe it is part of the 'all natural all the time' movement folks, you know those hugging trees and shouting words like 'natural wine' as if wine was not a natural thing. Those people.

The alcohol by volume (ABV) only has a little to do with the quality of a wine in the big picture. It more than likely has gotten caught in the crossfire of the “all natural, gluten free, holistic, lunar cycle dance machine using cosmic energy” stuff that has become the latest battle cry.
Alcohol in balance with all the components of a wine is what it is. Alcohol in balance can be 15+ % and not degrade the taste of a wine and only neophytes, cork dorks, wankers and stupid people think so. Look, let’s get to the core of this.

Alcohol, ya drongo’s, is one of the reasons why we drink plonk in the first place. It’s not only one of the reasons, it’s probably one of the main bloody reasons. More isn't better, less isn't better, at least not by definition. It’s that you just don't want it to be the only thing you notice when you drink it. We all want the wine we drink to taste good to us, and if it has a good ‘Wine Something Magazine’ rating then let Dame Edna know. Unless there is a medical need to know, like Grandpa has reached that age where holding his liquor is an issue just don't worry about it. If the wine is way hot (mouth feel) because the alcohol levels are too high then it is not good wine. Don't drink it unless the goal is just to get pissed.

Looking afterward for curiosity is fine, but its just a piece of the 'what did I just taste' picture. One of our go to wines for BBQ has a 16.5% ABV and you wouldn't notice other than after two or three glasses.

Checking the alcohol on a wine bottle before drinking, is like the dog checking the fat content of the unattended BBQ steak on the coffee table. Why? He’s going to scarf it down anyway.
So let’s get over it and just drink up and hopefully enjoy the wine already.

Happy Tasting Adventures,

Sleeping off the high alcohol wine consumed at the BBQ lunch


  1. Ha ha ha, that is to funny ya wankers!

  2. Haha! so true! and I love that picture!

  3. Had never thought of it that way. I had got caught up in the latest hipster crap and lost the plot. Thanks for clearing my mind.


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